My project has finally come to an end!

You can find my thesis report HERE and the prototype website for ordering the sPACE kit HERE.



The Exhibition

I created an area for everyone to slow down, take a breath, read the slow manifest and just create space for themselves.

The poster gave basic information about the project and how sPACE worked and there was a working prototype showing how paceMaker and Buggy interacted with each other.


Random bits of thought

Brain – When we fully focus on something (playing an instrument, riding a motorcycle, dancing, sports etc) things start dissolving at the back of our heads. When we are not fully focused, we have so many things in our minds. These thoughts, combined with the constant connection, wears us down and does not allow us to concentrate on the job we have, thus not giving any break to our minds. Even flow state is where things dissolve in the brain (even though it is considered to be a “non time present” state.

Degree- Doing a slow design project about slowing down, when there are so many factors and paces in your life that you can’t determine turns out to be a meta project. I am trying to understand and balance my rhythms to the world around me. In the inside, I know that every individual has their own ways of doing things (own pace, own process) but due to the “appraise the fast and the busy” culture, we are too afraid to listen to our inner rhythms.

Flower bloom or waiting till the end to come up with “the thing”. This approach is seen like a “procrastination” or “non structured” approach and it is looked down upon. Whereas some people have clear steps on the way, others solve and grow things internally which does not put out and tangible outcomes. The search for inspiration of these people is seen as procrastination.

Process – I did not have a workshop, cause I did not feel like it was time for it in my own schedule, even though I am sure it was “almost mandatory” in the “design schedule” especially if you wish to conduct a project involving user participation. I would love to have a workshop next week and bring people together around the subject, but until then I choose to talk to people one on one, and even though it seems to be a continuation of research, it was also an introduction to conceptualizing and ideation.

Procrastination – the act of putting off essential task until a later time, most of the time non essential tasks are done in lieu of the more critical ones.

Things are not what they seem to be – Ideation in 3 hours. Looks like a fast ideation but it is actually a combination of all the slow process. So what is the difference? Difference lies in the awareness. Choosing to do it instead of just find yourself being pulled by “others”. Whatever you do, make it into a concious choice and own it.

Addiction – “I am addicted to the clock, the time, the “it is time for eating” etc.. It is making me very nervous. When a meeting is cancelled i get an immense joy cause it feels like i gained 1 hour of my life to whatever i want to do.”

All that is written above are just random bits of thought that don’t claim to be meaningful 🙂