Workshop: Fast Virus

We had a fun workshop today! The participants were asked to first identify the symptoms and how the virus may have spread. They were then split in 3 groups; two representing slow activists and one representing the fast system. They were all asked to create kits to promote their values (the activists to cure the fastness disease and the system to spread it).  Funnily enough the behaviour of the groups was interestingly parallel to the roles they were assigned to. The system group loudly stated how they were enjoying the activity and started producing various tools very fast, whereas the activist groups brainstormed for possible solutions before taking action to produce.

The fast kits aimed at emotional behavior and included a “holy book of fastness”, herbal mixture for “premature ejacuation as a fashion statement” and slogans/posters with the hidden threat of exclusion from the society if you are not fast enough. Targetting of emotions made me realize the invisible fastness choices we make everyday without reflecting because it was more “acceptable” and triggered the ideas of making them visible.

The slow kits included tunnel vision glasses to avoid multitasking, booster break boxes that hide the computer mouse or motion limitation objects. “Bringing limitations to slow down” fuelled up interesting discussions on choosing your own pace vs being forces to slow down and the findings from these discussions paved the path to my later concepts.

Key Findings and questions:

Fastness is the norm and more accepted – How to make slowing down more attractive?
Fast choices kill the opportunity of reflection – How can we make the choices visible?
Fast is fun! – How can we make slow more fun?
Limitations make you slow down – How to balance the choice and the force?


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